Queen Majesty Blue Point Toasted Lager Hot Sauce 5oz.

Queen Majesty Blue Point Toasted Lager Hot Sauce 5oz.

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Queen Majesty Hot Sauce teamed up with our favorite local brewery to create our latest collaboration, Blue Point Toasted Lager Hot Sauce!

This sunny sauce balances a warm citrus flavor with a just a hint of heat. Our original recipe is inspired by a classic mignonette but takes on a new twist with the subtle nuttiness of the lager. We kept the spice level to a minimum on this sauce because it pairs so well with delicate seafood such as oysters and we didn't want the heat to build too quickly. You can also add the Blue Point Toasted Lager hot sauce to any grilled fish, ceviche and all kinds of salad.

Blue Point Brewing Company is a Long Island-based brewery innovating with the best the East Coast has to offer. The boatyard brewery's coastal ties have always connected them with oysters and other ingredients native to their Long Island roots. 


We use all-natural ingredients so sometimes the color and heat of the sauce may vary slightly from batch to batch but the taste will be the same!

White vinegar, lemon juice, bell peppers, Blue Point Toasted Lager*, celery, shallots, garlic, orange habanero, olive oil, salt & spices.