About Us

Lately, munching has gotten a bad rap. Candies, sodas, cookies- we know that our go to munch foods are wreaking havoc on our health. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore…because there’s a new munch in town.

With Munch Organic, you can feel free to munch to your heart’s content with our amazing lineup of organic, nutritious and most importantly, delicious foods. We’ve even integrated an unbeatable selection of vegan options. And best of all- you can have all of these amazing products delivered right to your door. Health food has never been easier and it’s definitely never tasted this good.

But for us Munch Organic is about so much more that just munching, it’s about creating more access to quality food. That’s why 2% of every purchase goes directly to the No Kid Hungry Foundation; a national nonprofit led by actor and philanthropist Jeff Bridges that helps ensure underprivileged children in schools all across America have consistent access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food.

We know that most Americans want to eat healthier, but with our unending family obligations, bustling work schedules and crammed social calendars; sometimes munching on the bad stuff seems far more convenient But with Munch Organic, eating healthy has become much more than the “better choice”. Now, it’s the easier choice.

Live to Munch.

Munch to Live.